Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lyme Disease - Misdiagnoses And Medical Dictatorship


"Hundreds of thousands of sick, disabled and dying people are intentionally being denied proper testing, diagnoses and treatment. Many feel that this is due to the greed of the pharmeceutical companies and perhaps the depopulation goals of the bureaucratic elite. The later isn't such a far fetched idea. Henry Kissenger himself, in his National Security Memorandum, advised the President that there were 13 countries in Africa which were growing much too rapidly, were threatening the availability of certain resources, and that we needed to either decrease the birth rate or increase the death rate. Not too long after this proposal, the World health Organization visited these countries with free smallpox vaccines. Several years later 60% of the people who recieved these shots, presented with the AIDS virus. A similar scenerio took place in NYC. Hepatitis B vaccines were given out free to promiscuous gay men. Soon after, 60% of this population also came down with AIDS."