Sunday, 26 February 2012

So!! you don't think Lyme disease can touch you...

Never say Never...  For the person who thinks they cannot be touched by Lyme disease, please read the above link.  Chances are if you have ever been bitten by a tick, flea or mosquito, your aches and pains, arthritis and stiff neck, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, etc. ,etc. could just be caused by the bite of any of these bugs...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Autism : FACTS you need to know...

Do Tick-Borne Infections Like Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Babesia and Lyme Contribute to Autism, Aspergers and Pervasive Developemental Disorders?


The Lyme-Autism Connection :  by Tami Duncan and Bryan Rosner

Please don't ignore it...  It your child is diagnosed as autistic, if not for yourself, then for your child's sake and future, please get your child tested for Lyme disease by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD).  This part is very important as any doctor not familiar with Lyme disease can give you a 'false negative'.

"To many parents, the discussion about whether Lyme disease and autism are connected is a moot point. It is really just semantics. The fact is that many children with autism have an active Lyme infection. Debate about whether Lyme causes autism, Lyme contributes to autism, or Lyme comes about after autism does nothing to help the many autistic kids who are testing positive for Lyme disease daily. If kids are infected, then they need to be treated. It is that simple."

"Unfortunately, the Lyme disease diagnosis is often missed in autistic children. Many of these children are diagnosed only after the mother is first diagnosed. The message, then, is clear: if you are the mother of an autistic child, get yourself tested for Lyme disease, and if you have it, the probability that your child also has it is much higher. My story, excerpted below from The Lyme-Autism Connection, co-authored with Bryan Rosner, will help drive this point home."




"This organization was started because parents with Lyme disease were finding that their children with autism were also testing positive for Lyme disease and experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease and associated co-infections.

The LIA Foundation has become much more than another "autism" organization or another "Lyme disease" organization.  In fact, we fit in neither of these categories very well.  We believe that good basic information is available from other organizations, but we try to take it to the next level, opening our minds to all potential healing methods.  We refer to this as an "Eclectic Healing Approach".