Monday, 16 May 2011

Lyme disease bacteria love to feed on the brain tissue and CNS.

This says it all... !

"The infection is not just bacterial as all say, trying to dismiss the severity of Lyme Disease; 

the infection are parasites who look for food and for a place to make their camping (ground)! 

When they invade the blood, the anemia is severe; the malaria parasites go inside the red blood cells, one bug per one red blood cell; 

while the Lyme parasites are three at a time invading each red blood cells, three times worse than malaria - this is the Babesiosis - and the Borrelia that is always called a "resistant bacteria" it is just another "intracellular bacteria" which certainly means another type of parasite malaria like.  

So after having such infection in the organism the body breaks. The sudden anemia causes fatigue and from there tons of symptoms start.  

The bugs stay in the blood for a short period of time but soon they migrate to other places,

they want to hide in the smaller veins to hide from the attacks of the immune system and or antibiotics when the person receives treatment, and they're hungry too,  

so they go where they can feed and reproduce better.  

The malaria parasites go to the liver and the brain, that's why they kill their host so fast.  

The bugs of LD are smarter, they migrate to many places to not kill their host, there are many cases of people living with Lyme for more than 20 or 30 years and all the time symptomatic and suffering; 

yes many others die from a heart attack and other complications but these bugs do not pretend to kill just to live long."