Saturday, 2 April 2011

Spirochete Warfare... It's been going on for over 75 years !!

It has now become apparent that the spirochetes were weaponized over 75 years ago. This information is published in 1944 in a book entitled "Japan's Secret Weapon" by Barclay Newman who was a leading science writer of the time, as well as former US Navy malaria scientist.

This book helps to confirm what some investigating the history of Lyme disease have long suspected; that the official denial of the devastating pathogenic nature of the granule and other "L-forms"(1) of Lyme-causing Borrelia, is related to their biological warfare significance.

Put bluntly, this book provides cogent circumstantial evidence that many Cell-wall deficient forms of Borrelia are in fact weaponized spirochetes, nurtured, cultured and optimized for aerosol delivery.

The following essay is based on the information in Chapter IV of Newman's book. The title of the chapter is simply "Spirochete Warfare".