Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Igenex testing needed and Western Blot breakdown

MEANING OF IGENEX TEST:  (Click above for link)

It is IMPORTANT to be tested for the Lyme co-infections as well, as they normally go hand in hand.
This is a link for a breakdown of the Western blot only. Co-infections will show their own titers. 

A positive IgM is a sign of a current/active infection. IgG can be a sign of an older/longer standing infection and if symptomatic treatment is needed. 

If the tests are negative, remember no LD test is 100% reliable and sometimes a body is too weak to "mount" an accurate positive result. LD is a clinical diagnosis and ONE band in the test being positive can indicate Lyme Disease is present. 

Even if your test comes up negative, that does NOT mean you do not have Lyme.  Please read the link.