Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The new Pandemic sweeping the US...! second to HIV/Aids.

The new Pandemic, second to HIV/Aids, is sweeping the USA.  Are we in South Africa next?

Lyme disease had no limits. it could strike the rich or poor, the healthy and office bound, and in a great deal of cases, you may not even see the tiny ticks infecting you. It is an infectious disease and in the years since the mid 70's has spread like wildfire through humans, around the world. NOT only in the US as many believe.

However, the medical authorities have always been way behind the times in diagnosing and treating this disease.
In addition to ticks, it has been learned that Borrelia, the bacteria in Lyme disease, may be carried and transmitted by fleas, mosquitoes and mites. Also it is not exclusively vector-borne. Humans have been known to pass the disease through mother-to-fetus-, breast-feeding and blood transfusions.