Sunday, 11 September 2011

Babesia mimics malaria and is on the rise...

Babesiosis, is a potentially deadly tick-borne illness that mimics malaria. It is also a co-infection of Lyme disease and more deadly than Lyme disease can be.

Babesiosis can go undetected in the blood supply.  Currently, there is no test for donated blood to pick up the bacteria, thus putting those who are the sickest at a terrible risk!

The disease is caused by the parasite babesia microti, which invades the body through a tick bite and destroys the body's red blood cells. Through a microscrope the red blood cells can appear to be invaded by a malaria parasite.

Don't believe that you cannot get Lyme or Babesia in South Africa.  I personally know of two people currently living in Australia who have been diagnosed in Australia with BOTH Lyme disease and Babesia from tick bites severla yearsa ago in South Africa.

Live blood analysis has found some of my red blood cells damaged by 'malaria' parasites.  However, since I have never had malaria, I believe that these parasites are infact babesia...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No tests can detect Babesiosis before blood donation

Joy Burge giving testimony in PA

This was an incredible account of what one Lyme patient had to go through to get a Lyme diagnosis..

This is unacceptable in America or anywhere in the world for that matter.  The rest of the world looks to America in matters like this and if they don't get it right.. Guess What ?  We don't stand a hope in hell of getting the powers that be in SA to acknowledge that Lyme disease and it's MANY co-infections are Alive and Kicking in here in South Africa.....

How many more people are going to be allowed to suffer before they wake up to the truth?
Pretending it does not exist is not going to make Lyme disease go away.  Real people, just like Joy are suffering not only from the disease itself, but from the hardship and shame that the medical establishment puts people Lymethrough getting a diagnosis...