Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Something is taking over my body and mind... Bb..... !!

I wrote this letter to my husband on November 1994....  Little did I realise then that whatever I thought was 'trying to take over my body and mind' was in fact Borrelia burgdorferi !!:  (I found this letter a few weeks back whilst tidying out my cupboard!)

15th November 1994 ~ 7:15pm 
Dear C, If you find me unconscious please give this letter to Dr R and don’t let me be take to V Hospital or the J Hospital, maybe the G Clinic or such.   The med aid card is in my purse, in my Aztec bag in the cupboard & the cheque book + my ID. On the 14th I suffered very strange headaches, also visual anomalies. White lights flashing across my vision.  Today the headaches were very much less than yesterday. Yesterday they were like stabbing pains in my right temple forehead and also at the bottom of my head.  At the time of writing there is a band of pain at the back of my head.  My eye sight has been blurred and troublesome.  The eye itself does not feel as it belongs to me.  I have had a very unsteady day and the only medication that I have taken in the last two days are – New anti-biotic – Rulin. Clarityn which didn’t work,  one x phenagan, stopayne and valoid.  Today I have only taken 1 x Rulin , no stopayne, 1 x Hepavite, & yesterday.  ALSO taken for the pain in my hands and joints.  14th – 1 x Veltex and 15th 1 x Veltex. I am convinced that the Nivaquine and the Veltex are the reasons for the failure in my vision.I have experienced incredible ‘nightmares’, call them what you may.  My temperature has been normal for the last two days (previously 40degs).  Today my vision is very obscured and whenever I close my eyes, I experience sheets of white light and then colours of lines, patterns flowing along – very much like a kaleidoscope.  The nightmares have left me unnerved and I almost feel as if someone / thing is trying to take over my mind, but I do NOT believe this, just have this feeling of something else in control, not me.The other doctor (?) wanted to take some blood tests – something along the lines of whatever the rashes appears to resemble.  I am very concerned about this.   My head is throbbing.  I am going to make supper for J and S now. It is 7:45pm.  I do not believe this has taken me ½ hour to get this down in writing.I have told the children that I love them very much, but I haven’t told them about how I feel as I don’t want to scare them since they are on their own with me now.Love P.