Monday, 10 October 2011

What you need to know about using Ozone (O3) to treat Lyme and Co's...

There are differing opinions about the use of ozone to help with your treatment of Lyme disease and it's  co-infections.  I for one have used an ozone spa mat periodically, but at times the energy of having to set it up gets a bit much for my achy body and confused brain...  Hot baths with Epsom salts are said to be great to help the detox process.  I can only last about 10 minutes in the hot water and than I have to get out as I feel too faint to risk staying in the water.  I believe bubbling the ozone through this water can only add to the benefits.  Apart from helping to detox via the skin, we are also breathing in more oxygen, something our 'hateful friends' the spirochetes hate...  They are far happier in a body that is lacking in oxygen...!

Ozone occurs in nature. It is that fresh, clean smell you get after a rain storm, in other words the smell of ozone. Ozone machines create that same ozone so that we can utilize it for our well being.  O3 is one of the most powerful disinfectants to be found and is used in certain parts of the world for food and water safety.

Ozone is used to purifies air, foods and water.  It oxidizes odors, reduces indoor air pollutants and kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and viruses.  It will reduce harmful chemical on foods when they are washed with ozonated water.

Home uses: treat moldy basements, get rid of smoke, pet and cooking odors, protect the family from bacteria and viruses, keep plants healthier, disinfect kitchen containers utensils, and counter tops.

Good enough reason for me to make it part of my daily routine.